16-1867519 Jelle Jellema hen


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16-1867519 Jelle Jellema hen  16-1867519 Jelle Jellema hen  16-1867519 Jelle Jellema hen  16-1867519 Jelle Jellema hen  

€ 650.00

Fantastic Jellema HEN, out the 1/2 brother of the 1e International Barcelona. This is a photo as youngster. Now more nice.

In this cock ALL THE BESDT LINES of Jellema. Look internet and you find ALL.

Zwart Goud,Klara,Blauwe Dame,Orion, Julia,Stuntman,Dirke, De bergerac,Limo,Vinkie.

A latebred brother of his father was sold end 20`16 for 9000e.

This cock from the best pigeons of the world 500e.

ZWART GOUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gave:
2e NPO Ruffec, an many many more, and mother of:
1e NPO Ruffec
6e National Bergerac, and many many more, and the grfather of:
1e National Barcelona 2014
1e International Barcelona 2014
11e NPO Ruffec
2e NPO Ruffec
6e National Bergerac
6e NPO Brive
7e National St. Vincent
16e National Bergerac
24e National St. Vincent
29e NPO rive
33e national Ruffec
36e National Bergerac

HELLAS out De Snip x Saffier, mother 1e/9000  InterNational Pau2016

Out Grote Kweker:
5e National Bergerac
5e NPO Ruffec
5e NPO Brive
7e NPO Brive
8e NPO Brive
13e National Bergerac, and son of:
2e NPO Limoges
9e NPO Limoges
15e National Bergerac

His father is LORENZO, the superracer with:
28e National Bergerac
5e National St. Vincent
51e  national NPO Brive
158e National St. Vincent
194e National Bergerac
220e National NPO Brive
265e Nationl NPO Ruffec
282e National Ruffec
1458e National Barcelone, out
De DONKERE ATLEEY=The Dark Atlete with:
123e National Orleans
128e Interntional Ruffec
136e National NPO Ruffec
205e National Ruffec out Stuntman x De Spitse, paired with:
EMMA with:
167e National Ruffec
260e National Bergerac, out SUPERKWEKER, with:
1e National Brive
3e National NPO Limoges
3e Narional NPO Ruffec

The mother of this superbreeder: MEIKE with:
92 National St. Vincent
75e National NPO Ruffec
and grandmother 3e International Barcelona 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!

out LUCAS x The *61 with:
43e National Bergerac
88e National NPO Brive
 and many many more, and mother of:
9e National bergerac
10e National NPO Ruffec
35e National bergerac
38e National Ruffec
42e National Npo Brive out AMSTERDAMMER x 528 with:
17e National St. Vincent
99e National Munchen

The mother of this nice youngster is out ORIGINAL JELLEMA pair!!!! Son SOPHIE ( look 3e International Barcelona) c dtr GROTE KWEKER.

This son Sophie is out son SAFFIER, the most superbreeder x SOPHIE, with:
3e National Sty. Vincent
13e National St. Vincent

Her father is out son SAFFIERx dtr ORION, and already good racing:
66e national St. Vincent
88e National Orange
163e National St. Vincent

1e NPO, and quickest with 3285 p. on Ruffec
6e NPO Brive
24e National Bergerac
29e NPO Brive, and mother of:
4e NPO Limoges
7e National Bergerac
14e National St. Vincent
18e national bergerac. Saffier was paired with BACHUS, with:
90e National Ruffec
218 national bergera
329e NPO Ruffec, out the 

BERGERAC doffer, with:
1e FFC Bergerac
5e National Bergerac
84e Naional Briveand paired with BLAUWE DAME, mother of:
11e National bergerac + many many more.

SAFFIER is daughter from ZWART GOUD x 02, the super pair. LOOK 1e International Barcelona 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ZWART GOUD is mother of:
2e NPO Ruffec and many more + grm 1e IntNat Barca!!!!
The 02 is also mother of:
6e NPO Bergerac
The mother of the father of this hen is the dtr of ORION, she won:
13e National St. Vincent
15e National Bordeaux
97e National Orange, and many more.

ORION won:
6e National Bergerac
7e National St. Vincent
48e National Ruffec
51e National Ruffec
79e National Ruffec
129e NPO Ruffec
166e Natioanl St. incent, and many more. He is DIECTLY son of ZWART GOUD !!!!!!!!! x 02 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ORION was paired with MIRNA, and she won:
20e National St. Vincent
52e NPO Brive
76e NPO Ruffec, ad many many more, and mother of:
6e National St. Vincent
11e National Bergerac
12e NPO Perigeux.
Her parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!De BERGERAC x MINE, ook above for results.

The mother of this interesting young hen is DIRECTLY out DE GROTE KWEKER, and sister of:
5e National Bergerac
5e NPO Brive
12e NPO Ruffec
13e National Bergerac
17e national Bergerac
17e NPO Ruffec
8e NPO Ruffec, and his mother"
2e NPO Limoges
9e NPO Limoges
15e National Bergerac
and grandmother of:
1e NPO Limoges
DE GROTE KWEKER was paired with: the dtr of STORM x 05-765
STORM won:
16e National bergerac, and many more, and is son of ZWART GOUD x 02 !!!!!!!!!!!grparents 1e International Barca 2014.
His wife is dtr of ZWART GOUD x 02  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!the grandparents of the 1e International barcelona

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