10-2059410 GEBR. HAGENS

SALE!!! GROTE FOND (700-1250 km) - Gebr. HAGENS

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 10-2059410 GEBR. HAGENS  10-2059410 GEBR. HAGENS  10-2059410 GEBR. HAGENS 

€ 350.00

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Super brothers Hagens cock, with ALL thge TOPlines. In 2010 this lines the 1e International Barcelona, on a very long distance. Lines Sonja, Sarina, = 2 x 1e International. Indurain, Carcasonne, Sproetje, and many more. The Hagens palomas are very good for the races on Spain and the canaria. They come from the old jan Theelen and Jos hermans lines. The pigeons which want to be at home, before the night.


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