10-1126981 HAGENS

SALE!!! GROTE FOND (700-1250 km) - Gebr. HAGENS

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10-1126981 HAGENS  10-1126981 HAGENS  10-1126981 HAGENS  

€ 125.00

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Fantastic Brothers Hagens cock from THE BEST lines!! His father and mother are coming from original Hagens pigeons. It is to much for all the results. We see "Sonja", "Sarina", 2 x 1e IntNat !!!Perpignan and barcelona. "Lucinda","Indurain",the dtr 5 x Barcelona, the 2e Champ Big Fond South West,the dtr 21e Nat. Mont Marsan, "Rode kweker"from jan Theelen, "Golden Breeder". This family is 50% or 100% the same as rhe 1e InterNational barcelona 2010 + 2011 !!!!!!!!!!


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