14-1219311 JELLEMA OUT ORIGINAL , hen


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14-1219311 JELLEMA OUT ORIGINAL , hen  14-1219311 JELLEMA OUT ORIGINAL , hen  14-1219311 JELLEMA OUT ORIGINAL , hen  

€ 750.00

The mother of the bluewhitefeather young.  This mother is NOT for sale. The best lines of Jellema. this hen.  look pedegree!!!!  Dirje x Zwart Goud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic young hen 2014 from the Jellema family. Very good in the hand and looking.

Here some results from the Jellema family.

The best distance pigeons ever?

By this also a result of Cahors 2014. 12 from 13 in the prices with a very hard wind on the head. So there are many of this results. This is father Jellema.

In 2014 1e + 3e National + International Barcelona !!!!!!!

This is only TOP 10 NPO/NATIONAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also other many many TOP results directly after the top 10. Also many National and International Championships.

Till 2010 it was father and son. In 2012 son started.

This are only results wesaw on the teletext of the TV. Before 2010 we didn,t make a photo of that, but also than there were many 1e,2e,3e, NPO + Nationals !!!! All races 860kms and more higher and also 1300 +++kms

Cahors 8
St. Vincent 9

Cahors 9
Orange 5
Cahors 3,10
St. Vincent 3

Bergerac (VNC) 1
Berlijn 4
Orange 10
Aurilac 2,6,7

Bergerac 3,8
Orange 2,5,6,9
Cahors 10

Bergerac 3,6,10
Cahors 1,2,8,8
Barcelona 1e + 33 National + International barcelona
St. Vincent 2
Brive 3
Limoges 1

Results of Children of Zwart Goud:
2e NPO Ruffec, an many many more, and mother of:
1e NPO Ruffec
6e National Bergerac, and many many more, and the grfather of:
1e National Barcelona 2014
1e International Barcelona 2014
11e NPO Ruffec
2e NPO Ruffec
6e National Bergerac
6e NPO Brive
7e National St. Vincent
16e National Bergerac
24e National St. Vincent
29e NPO rive
33e national Ruffec
36e National Bergerac
, and many more. ZWART GOUD is the son of KLEINE PAU ( Ko van Dommelen) x POESKE, with 10 x price on the overnight races!!!! ZWART GOUD was paired with METTE, the daughter of HENK x sister of ORION and SAFFIER.

In this hen the Dirke + Zaert Goud double, the grandparents of the 1e (Inter) National barcelona 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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