10-2042943 JEF van WANROY

SALE!!! GROTE FOND (700-1250 km) - Jef van WANROY

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10-2042943 JEF van WANROY  10-2042943 JEF van WANROY  10-2042943 JEF van WANROY  

€ 750.00

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Fantastic Jef van Wanroy cock, from 3 site the World famous Black giant, the super racer, 1e nat. bergerac 40.344 p., 19e nat. bergerac 14.498p., 41e Nat. bergerc 15.679 p., 92e nat. Riffec 9.904 p., and also a very very good breeder. mant mant National TOP winners came from his blood, so was "Drogba", 1e national Champ Big Fond, 7e NPO Bergerac 6.985p., 15e nat. bergerac 17.506p., 15 NPO Brive 6.536p., out of his blood!!!!!!!!!!Than also we see in this super cock the "Elfje", "Barcelona", "Lady Sarina", "La Signorita", "Spin", "Kleine donkere", the national Olympic of holland.
This cock is good for every breedingstation or breedingloft of champs. The best pigeons for cross.

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